5 Ways and Tips for Cooking Eid Meat Rendang to Make it Tender Quickly!


Cooking Rendang during Eid is a specialty of Indonesian society that should not be missed. Therefore, how to cook rendang so that the meat is tender needs to be known by everyone. Here are the tips!

1. Cut Meat in Direction with Fiber

The first tip for making tender rendang is to cut the meat in the direction of the long fibers. If the meat is not cut in the same direction as the fiber, it will be a bit tough when it is processed.

2. Beat Meat Before Cooking

Before the meat is processed, the washed meat is beaten first to make it easier for the spices to seep into the meat. Make sure the meat is not flat. Or, you can also massage the meat using oil or margarine before processing.

3. Use enough coconut milk

The use of coconut milk when making rendang also needs to be considered. Use the 1:3 rule for the ratio of meat to coconut milk. For example, for every 1 kilogram of meat, you need thick coconut milk from 3 coconuts.

When cooking, make sure the spices and coconut milk are cooked first. After thickening and removing the oil, then the meat is added to be cooked until cooked.

4.Cook over low heat

So that the meat is tender and not easily destroyed, cook it using low heat. Cooking on low heat will allow the spices to penetrate perfectly into the meat. The use of high heat when cooking rendang makes the texture of the meat crumble easily when stirred. In addition, the rendang seasoning will also burn faster.

5. Pay Attention To Stirring

When cooking rendang, you should not stir it too often. Stir occasionally when the coconut milk is still in a lot of state and has not shrunk. However, when the coconut milk starts to shrink you just need to cover the rendang by pushing it with the back of a wooden spatula.

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