Beers with ‘zero alcohol’ label produced by alcoholic beverages brands are often found in the market. Those products are proven with 0% alcohol in their ingredient lists. It makes those beverages free from unlawful ingredients. However, this causes confusions around Muslims. Does it make ‘zero alcohol’ beers halal?


Chairman of the MUI (Indonesian Ulama Council) Fatwa Commission to, emphasized that ‘zero alcohol’ beers cannot be certified as Halal. He then explained how MUI cannot proceed a Halal Certification towards products that are using names prohibited under Islamic law. Hence, beverages ‘zero alcohol’ beers are haram.

In Addition, Halal Auditor Manager LPPOM MUI held a discussion regarding this matter on their official Instagram account in a program called ‘Halal Talks’. He said that MUI has published a Fatwa about the ruling on consuming and naming products. Naming products that are similar to haram products is unlawful. In conclusion, ‘zero alcohol’ beers, as well as non-alcohol wine, root beers, and rum flavored ice cream are haram.


LPPOM MUI emphasized that to make a food or beverage halal doesn’t only depend on their ingredients. It also depends on the product naming. Thus, these make us muslims need to be more cautious when choosing food and beverages.

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