Taiwan is one of the interesting countries to visit during the holiday season. Not only in terms of culture, but exciting places in Taiwan can certainly provide a cooler holiday experience. There are important features of this one country that you should know. This is a list of privileges from Taiwan quoted from airpaz.com.

  1. Have Free WiFi Access Everywhere

The Taiwanese city government has provided free internet access in all public places, from shops, means of transportation, hospitals, to libraries. So you will no longer complain about internet access if you visit interesting places in Taiwan.

2. Bicycle Access is Priority

Taiwanese people prefer cycling than driving a car or motorbike. Therefore, it is not surprising that in certain places there are special bicycle roads, especially in Taipei which provides wider infrastructure specifically for cyclists. So, bicycle lovers can walk more freely to various interesting places around Taipei.

3. Has a Large Number of Artifacts in the Asian Region

As one of the countries rich in history and culture, Taiwan alone has a total of 35,000 artifacts and is the most artifact-rich country in Asia to date. Tourists often take advantage of the time to gather at the museum to see collectibles ranging from gems, statues, paintings, and other objects. You can visit the historical place most visited by tourists, namely the World Prehistoric National Museum.

4. There are many shops

Taiwan has many interesting shopping centers to visit leon bet. In fact, there are still many shopping places, both on a small and large scale, built not too far away so that travelers can easily find restaurants to snack shops on the side of the road.

source: airpaz

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