Starting July 1, 2022, in Taiwan Bring Your Own Bottle Get Drinks Discount $5 NTD


Starting July 1, 2022, consumers who bring their own water bottles will get a $5 NTD discount on drinks at various beverage stores in Taiwan.

Reporting from Taiwan News and CNA, the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) said that more than 50,000 outlets of beverage chains, convenience stores, fast food, and supermarket chains were responsible for the use of 2.2 billion single-use plastic cups in 2020 in Taiwan.

However, from July 1 they will have to give consumers an NT$5 discount if customers bring their own cups. Associated shops are also required by the new regulations to have signs with font size requirements in place, to remind customers of the NT$5 discount if they bring their own drink holder.

Some chain stores, such as McDonald’s Taiwan, KFC Taiwan, and I-Mei stores, have started discounts.

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