Preparing various delicious cakes to be served as a banquet for guests is a must during Eid, one of which is the typical Eid cookies. What are the most iconic and must we taste during Eid? take a look at the following.

1. Nastar Cake

Nastar cake is a pastry filled with sweet and sour pineapple jam. Usually, nastar cakes are small round, but there are also square ones.

Resep Membuat Kue Nastar Klasik, Lembut dan Lumer di Lidah - Traveling
Source: Instagram @ibueok.haura

2. Cornflakes Chocolate Cake

Chocolate lovers will not be able to miss this Eid cookie. This cake is usually made from cereal cornflakes which is sprinkled with melted chocolate.

Resep Kue cornflake coklat oleh RezaxTaritia - Cookpad

3. Cat Tongue Cake

Usually, after making a wet cake, we will definitely leave a lot of egg whites. Well, you can use the egg white to make a cat tongue cake which is also unique during Eid.

Italian traditional cookies cat tongues Premium Photo

4. Cheese Sago Cake

Cheese sago cake is a typical Lebaran pastry in the form of a spiral round with a hole in the middle, it has a delicious sweet and savory cake taste. As the name implies, the main ingredients of this one cake are sago and cheese which is abundant.

Homemade indonesian pineapple tart cookies or nastar served to celebrate idul fitri or eid al fitr Premium Photo

5. Snow White Cake

Snow White cake has a beautiful appearance with a sprinkle of powdered sugar like snow that covers it. Not only that, the sweet taste makes us addicted. Uniquely, this cake more often appears in the form of a crescent moon covered in snow (fine sugar).

German christmas pastries vanilla crescent vanillekipferl or putri salju in indonesia Premium Photo

Well, those are the five typical Eid cookies that must be on the guest table. Make sure to always serve the best for those closest to you during Eid!

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