Fasting for a whole month in Ramadan allows many people to lose weight. However, arriving at Hari Raya, the pattern and portion of eating returned to what it was before the fast of Ramadan.

Here are some TIPS so you can keep your weight from rising sharply!

  1. Stop eating before you are full

After the holiday, of course there will be a lot of holiday snacks that are still left, it is important for us to apply the principle to “stop eating before you are full”. Also limit food intake in moderation and avoid overeating behavior. Because, in addition to increasing weight, overeating can also invite digestive disorders such as diarrhea and increase cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

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2. Drink water before eating

The way to maintain weight during the second Eid is to drink water before eating. The desire to eat Hari Raya dishes needs to be accompanied by adequate fluid intake. Drinking a glass of water before eating makes the feeling of fullness come faster, so that the portion of the meal is more controlled.

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3. Exercise regularly

Balance with exercise will help the fat burning process more quickly and optimally. More fat burned, meaning greater weight loss. The exercise you do doesn’t need to be too heavy, just brisk walking, cycling, jogging, or swimming.


4. Avoid sleeping immediately after eating

Intake of food that has just entered will be immediately buried into fat. Because sleep requires less energy than activity. Fat that is constantly accumulated in the body can trigger a distended stomach, even obesity. The body also needs at least 2 hours to be able to digest food. So it should be avoided yes!

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5. Fasting Sunnah

There is nothing wrong with fasting again after Eid al-Fitr. In addition to getting a reward, fasting for 6 days of Shawwal can also maintain weight so it doesn’t go up. By returning to fasting, the body’s metabolism will re-adjust by using fat reserves as energy.

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So, those are the tips that we can give to Halalin’s friends. How, interested in trying it?

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