Avoid Liquor, Because It Disrupts the Order of Social Life


Liquor is a drink containing alcohol or ethanol compounds. The presence of alcohol in a drink will cause the drink to have khamr or intoxicating properties.

Alcohol will affect the work of the brain, where the part of the nervous system that plays a role in processing and remembering emotional reactions is disturbed. As a result, the ability to think will be disturbed as well.

In the early stages, the drinker appears to be confident and seems to have a high level of energy. This is the impact of dissolving fat by alcohol as an energy reserve. Such an impact will certainly be at risk for health problems. WHO publishes more than 200 types of diseases caused by a person drinking alcoholic beverages.

people who are under the influence of alcohol are in an unconscious state, that is, they do not understand what they are doing. When the level of consciousness decreases, people will lose control of what they do, so they will not be able to understand anything that is harmful to themselves or others. They can do anything, immoral acts even to kill other people. Especially when a number of drunk people gather without anyone watching them, it is very possible for actions outside of common sense to occur. Like several crime cases that the media has recently raised. Great danger not only threatens him, but an even greater danger is endangering the people around him.

Islam has taught us not to drink khamr. As can be seen in the Qur’an Surah al-Maidah verse 90, which means “O you who believe, indeed drinking wine, gambling and sacrificing to idols and drawing arrows is a heinous act and includes the actions of the devil. So stay away from these things so that you may be successful.”

Understanding the verse above, it is clear that drinking intoxicating drinks will only bring a person closer to the devil’s actions. For that we should remind each other about this.

Given the risk of drinking alcohol that increasingly threatens us all, it is important for us to remind each other of this. Including the increasing production of traditional liquor in Indonesia. The high level of local consumer demand has resulted in unofficially traditional alcohol producers in some areas continuing to operate. So that there is no control over the level of ethanol produced. Things like if it continues will disrupt the order of life in Indonesian society. Therefore, let’s be a society that cares about the surrounding environment, a community that activates the anti-alcohol movement. (Source: Islamic Community Guidance Website).

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